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Are you a CEO or Senior Leader feeling stressed?


World on your shoulders?

Doubting yourself?

This was me in 2016. CEO / Managing Director solely responsible for a fantastic small business, delivering employee experience and customer research insights to a wide range of organisations.

My challenges were trying to ‘keep all the plates spinning’, increase sales in a very competitive market, build marketing, deliver customer excellence with my team, motivate the team and develop them.

It was exhausting. I felt lonely, downhearted and inadequate. I was also so caught up in the battle, getting outside help wasn’t even on my radar.

Breaking out of the rut

Eventually, I searched for a coach, a sounding board to help me see the way to business growth.

Coaching helped me tackle the sales challenge and stress.

But then, the unexpected. My ‘new lens’ on the business made me see my life differently and I realised it was time for a complete change.

My top team was excellent and could handle all aspects of customer projects easily.

They were managing and developing others, in the way I had managed and helped them develop up to that point.

They had all they needed to take things forward.

My exit from the business took some time to work through with the other Directors.

Not wanting to leave the team or our customers in the lurch, I sought, recruited and trained a replacement MD for the business.

During that time I also prepared for my future – training up, gaining knowledge, planning.


New horizons

Now, I coach CEOs, Directors, MDs, Heads of Department and other skilled professionals who need that ‘new lens’.

They want to gain clarity, shake things up, get ‘unstuck’, define their direction, carve out time for strategic thinking and recognising the value they bring.

I set up my own business and completely love the difference I’m able to make when working with leaders through coaching.

What have been my top learning points?

💎 Life’s too short to be unhappy in working life

💎 How we respond to events is entirely up to us

💎 Our health and wellbeing is our top priority

💎 It is possible to make a major career change over 50

💎 Ask for help – there’s no need to struggle alone

💎 The huge power of coaching to change lives – including the coach’s own

What small step could you take TODAY towards greater confidence and a more fulfilling working life?

What do you need to do to change things up for yourself?

What is the problem that means you feel stuck?

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