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April was #stressawarenessmonth and on April 30th I set some intentions for my ongoing focus on into May.

So, how did I get on?

Well, overall I think I did pretty well. Looking back to early May, I was feeling quite exhausted and I can see my energy levels were low. Now, I feel refreshed and my batteries are recharged.

As I reflect on how that change has occurred, what has made the difference?

🎯 Mindfulness
I committed to mindfulness practice every day. Starting the day with a mindful 10-15 minutes was a good aim and I did this most days, topping that up with shorter sessions in the daytime. Definitely a practice to continue and strengthen.

🌏 A change of perspective
Like most people, I’ve missed my holidays in the last 2+ years – so getting away was incredibly valuable to my wellbeing. Switch-off time, lots of relaxation, swimming and a vitamin D top-up were helpful. But most important for me about the holiday was the visual beauty of Greece – sea, mountains, scenery, sunsets. I could feel myself drinking in that view every day.

👟 Exercise
With the nicer weather, it’s been a good month for running, walking and swimming. The benefits of exercise have been much discussed – yes, it works for me too.  I just need to work on my body strength more now, to protect from injury as I start the summer season of 10K races.

😂 Connection
This month I’ve spent more time with people face-to-face; family, friends, colleagues, new faces at networking events. While chatting on the phone and virtually is great, this return to being in the room with others has been a big plus for me, so I’ll be out and about more from now on.

These are factors that have helped my wellbeing in the last month, and my intention going forward will be to continue each one.

What small change can you plan to make, to help you manage your stress and wellbeing?

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