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Tough times and plenty of competition for organisations looking to recruit in today’s markets. But what if the solution is already there within the organisation?

According to recent statistics from theHRDIRECTOR, 9 out of 10 large companies are suffering skills shortages.

But do we know what talent and potential lies untapped within our workforce?


Which skills are already available that need to be recognised?

Where are hidden talents lying dormant?

We know from employee surveys that:

🔍 Employees often believe they have more to offer in the way of talents, abilities and skills

🔍 Employee engagement increases when employees feel their development is prioritised and they feel valued

So we know that internal talent development and a talent management process will likely be great retention tools.

Through my executive coaching work, I see individuals who can quickly move on to add greater value in their company, once certain perceived barriers are removed as part of the coaching process.

For example:

🌱 The leader who achieves a C-suite role, once they’ve become aware of how their thinking habits are affecting their executive presence and confidence levels, and adopted new habits

🌱 The line manager who steps into a senior role after learning to let go, so that their team can step into their roles and be fully taking on the work they are capable of, operating as a team

🌱 The manager who flourishes after overcoming a significant issue in a working relationship and as a result, stops limiting their contribution to the business because they now feel valued and heard

So, coaching is a powerful way to release potential in your workforce and it’s also likely to aid retention.

Do talk to me if you’d like some help thinking about this.

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