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Gosh, time really has flown!

This time 5 years ago, the inner potential was just a collection of ideas and a registered company.

  •  My business plan was to for executive coaching AND HR consulting AND mentoring
  •  There was no logo, corporate brand or online presence
  •  I was still employed, and handing over to the MD I’d recruited to replace me at my old company

Remembering this feels quite strange!

5 things I particularly notice, reflecting on this journey now are:

🧡 Confidence. It’s taken time to build up confidence as a coach and to talk about my work. But over 600 hours of coaching, 200+ hours of training and development, working with many clients and others, I definitely feel it

🧡 Focus. As time has gone on, I’ve stopped any HR consulting. I still do some mentoring but *the inner potential* is clearly now a coaching business.

🧡 Learning. For someone who loves learning, taking this step has been so fulfilling. I can’t remember a time in my career when I learnt so much.

🧡 People. I have met so many amazing people in the last 5 years. Clients, networking contacts, fellow coaches, suppliers, local friends. This “connected-ness” is really important to me and I thank everyone in my network.

🧡 Balance. I started my own business to achieve balance in my life. The focus now is on work I absolutely love – and also other things I like to do, like running, mindfulness and being amongst nature. My wellbeing is better and not commuting is a bonus.

So these are just a few of the things I feel grateful for as the inner potential turns 5.

Going forward, there are some exciting changes coming, so look out for these!

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