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Executive Coaching programmes

Flexible, tailored coaching for organisations and individuals

The Inner Potential’s programmes are a series of 1-1 coaching sessions with additional support in between, as needed. Programmes are designed with you, to support you in achieving your goals and to help you to be at your absolute best and thrive, in your leadership, your organisation and outside work.

When you contact me and we have an initial discussion, we talk about your needs and aims for coaching, and we’ll decide together on the package that’s right for you. In an initial objective-setting session, we then contract with you (and your organisation, if appropriate) on ways of working and the desired aims.

Confidential, new perspectives, stretching approach to coaching

My approach to coaching is client-centric, straightforward and non-directive, encouraging you to look at your thoughts through different lenses, take on new perspectives, explore options creatively and interact with others in an adult-to-adult way. ( as described by Transactional Analysis)


For me, coaching is a peer-based relationship, working together in partnership to get to the
outcomes you seek. So, my coaching is grounded in the International Coach Federation’s ‘Professional Certified Coach’ competencies and Code of Ethics.

All work is individualised, confidential, stretching, developmental and non-judgemental. Intuition is used to explore issues deeply and discover what is at the root of a topic and accountability for results is held by me for you, in the way we have agreed in our contract.

How does a coaching programme work?

We work together during 4-12 coaching sessions of 30 – 90 minutes. The frequency and length of the sessions is decided and agreed between us. I guide and advise on this, based on your aims for coaching. In each session we move through 5 steps which embody my own coaching model: explore, discover, achieve. I help you get results by asking powerful questions, using reflective enquiry methods to highlight what I’ve heard and help you find meaning.


Distance is not a barrier to coaching, as most of my coaching programmes continue online, via MS Teams, Google or Zoom. Where a client is commutable from my office near Windsor, UK, coaching can also take place face-to-face.

What is the role of the Coach?

Coaching is all about working together in partnership and also:


  • Creating a confidential, safe space for you to share your thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • Exploring by asking questions and reflecting back to you to help you get clarity
  • Supporting action-taking towards your goals, with accountability
  • Respecting you as an individual, your resourcefulness, talents and capabilities
  • Offering you suitable resources or worksheets, to help your thinking between sessions
  • Creating enhanced self-awareness, enabling your learning and development
  • Always working in accordance with the ICF’s guidance and code of ethics

Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do, advising you or teaching you (this would be more mentoring, educating or consulting).

What is the role of the Coachee?

  • Openness to learning, in a growth mindset (rather than a fixed mindset)
  • Allowing yourself time to think, reflect and understand
  • Taking responsibility for trying out new approaches, ideas and actions
  • Noting down learning and insights for further reflection outside the sessions
  • Committing to your own learning, by aiming for uninterrupted and on-time sessions
  • Keeping a good, open flow of communication about anything affecting the coaching

What is the role of my organisation?

If your organisation is sponsoring your coaching, 3-way meetings with your Coach and your Manager or another stakeholder are useful, to help to create the coaching vision and give feedback.

I facilitate these meetings in a manner that preserves confidentiality and encourages sharing of both progress information and feedback based on observed behaviours.

Your organisation may also provide 360 degree feedback processes, psychometric reviews or personality preference reports like Myers Briggs (MBTI), Insights or Strengths Deployment Inventory. These can also feed into the goals and content of coaching programmes.

See FAQs for more information.

Mental Fitness programme

Retraining your mindset with Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Sometimes we discover that our in-built ways of thinking, often in place since childhood, are causing us difficulty.

Everybody has their own thinking patterns and it’s completely normal for our thoughts to take control of us, especially when we perceive fear or threat in a situation.

‘Saboteurs’ in our thinking cause situations like:



Lack of focus

Pleasing others

Judgemental approach to self, others or situations

Being over-controlling

Not everyone takes action to deal with these types of issue, but those who do can really benefit.
Positive Intelligence or PQ is a powerful way of retraining the mind’s capacity to respond to challenges in life, take the positive rather than negative approach.
The first step is to take the saboteur assessment here: https://www.positiveintelligence.com/saboteurs/
Once we know which main saboteurs are operating in your mind, we can start work on weakening them and strengthening new thinking patterns that will work better for you.
This can be done as part of a regular coaching programme, or as a specific PQ programme.

PQ Programme

Building mental fitness comes from strengthening 3 critical mental muscles to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self) to your inner Sage (your positive self).

Week 0-1

In our pre-programme week, we have an initial preparatory meeting.
In week 1, we start to build your Self-Command muscle. Do PQ practice to gain greater mastery over your mind, quiet the negative and activate the positive parts of your brain

Week 2-3

Learn to intercept your top saboteurs as soon as they start to hijack your thoughts, feelings and actions. Expose the lies they are telling you

Week 4-7

Practice the Sage perspective that every problem or challenge can be converted to a gift or opportunity, learning the 5 Sage powers.
In week 7, we wrap up the programme

Getting Started

Meet Suzanne, get to know each other and chat about how coaching can help you.

Together we’ll create a specific plan to accomplish your goals

Meet Suzanne, get to know each other and chat about how coaching can help you.

Together we’ll create a specific plan to accomplish your goals

Take the actions from coaching and create the impact you’re seeking

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My office base is near Windsor in the UK but most of my work is with leaders worldwide using Zoom, Teams or Google.

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