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My office base is near Windsor in the UK but most of my work is with leaders worldwide using Zoom, Teams or Google.

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frequently asked questions

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching is an approach that enables self-discovery, by helping a person to see things in new ways and adopt new ways of thinking. It isn’t about telling them what to do.

Mentoring is someone sharing their knowledge, skills, experience and perspective to help a business or another individual to grow, personally and professionally.

Who has coaching?

Anyone wanting to change something about their working life can get benefit from coaching, whether that is to become even more successful or to move forward in a new or different way. I’ve helped administrators, advisors, specialists, managers, senior managers, directors, CEOs and entrepreneurs to find inner potential.

How long would we be working together in coaching?

An initial series of 6 coaching sessions is usually enough time to start seeing results. Often, the engagement is extended beyond 6 sessions because the client wants to continue to progress. Coaching sessions normally happen every 2-3 weeks.

Why is coaching better than going on a training course?

The power of coaching lies in the fact that the individual themselves discovers a lot about how they think, react and behave. This increased awareness leads to lasting change. Training imparts new information and techniquesit can be challenging for individuals to apply this knowledge in a way that ‘sticks’.

What’s expected of me in coaching?

Coaching is all about achieving your goals (and the coach will help you discover what these are if they’re not already clear). Honesty and openness provides a fast-track towards your goals. The more you put into coaching, the more you will get back.

Is there any homework with coaching?

I may suggest you complete questionnaires between sessions to maximise use of the time spent coaching, but using them is your choice.  

Are coaching sessions confidential?

100% yes. Coaching is a safe space for you to explore ideas and thinking, so no information about the content of our sessions will be disclosed by me. I facilitate sponsor/ coachee / coach meetings as required when working within an organisation.

Is coaching the same as therapy or counselling?

No, coaching is forward-looking and aims at identifying future aspirations, through planned actions. Therapy and counselling most often examine the past and are services provided by practitioners trained to help people heal or recover from a past trauma.