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You may be thinking of investing in a coaching programme with me.

Or you may just want a one-off coaching session.

The coaching taster is a perfect, cost-effective way to sample how we would work together.

You get to focus on a topic that’s important to you, working with me.

You’ll learn about yourself and take away actionable steps.

If you then decide on one of my coaching programmes, the cost of the taster session is deductible.

What is a coaching taster session?

It’s a coaching session for you, dedicated to helping you move forward.

We work in partnership on your topic or dilemma to:

Explore – what you want and where you want to be

Discover – what’s getting in the way and what you need

Achieve – a clear plan to get you there

It’s a 50-minute, 1-1 coaching session with me, Suzanne Pullen (Founder of The Inner Potential),
held on Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

“Suzanne is a delight to work with, putting you immediately at ease.

Without you realising it, she asks the right questions to elicit the nub of the issue.

She then works diligently with you to conceive appropriate responses and implement them. I wholeheartedly recommend her. “

Managing Director, Marketing Sector

Taster Session Investment – £99

This is a very special offer.

Are you ready to get to where you want to be?

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If you later decide to proceed with a coaching programme,
the taster session fee will be deducted.


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