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Why work with me?

I know what it’s like to be the newly appointed manager, lacking confidence.

I know what it’s like to be the person responsible for the Company or Department. The one who has all the pressure, no time to think and no support or sounding board. Much of my work involves coaching leaders at this level.

In today’s coaching I bring together all my experience, skills and knowledge to achieve my mission:

helping individuals to create happier and more fulfilling working lives and enabling organisations to
progress and achieve.


People often ask why I specialise in coaching clients around leadership and management, stress, confidence and career transition.

The simple answers:

I believe these situations are the most likely to derail happiness with working life

They have all been topics that I’ve faced, tackled and progressed during my own leadership career

I have a passion for uncovering people’s hidden talents, abilities and skills. Maybe they don’t realise or don’t acknowledge that they have them.

Helping individuals learn, grow and develop is the common thread running throughout my career. I’m never happier than when working 1-1 with a client, in coaching.

I’ve invested in my coaching skills and I have both ongoing coaching and supervision. My coaching is recognised and credentialled by the International Coach Federation, the gold standard in coaching.

I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach, a Chartered Member of the CIPD and a Mental Health First Aider.


Who do I coach, and on what?

My clients experience tangible improvements in their leadership skills, employee engagement, confidence, and self-value.

I create a focused and safe space for concentration on strategy, motivation and goal attainment.

Working relationships, stress reduction and work/life balance are also regular topics that clients bring to coaching and make great progress.

I’ve coached leaders and professionals in many sectors, including Airlines, Architecture, Business Research, Charity, Energy, Healthcare, Higher Education, Insurance, IT, Marketing and Professional Membership bodies.

Many of my clients are Senior Leaders: CEOs and C-suite, Managing Directors and Heads of Department.

I have worked with people at all levels in organisations, across many industry sectors, consulting with HR teams and working on a peer level with Board Directors. This experience has given me a better understanding of your professional environment and the challenges you face.

What is my background?

I’m an experienced leader, consultant, facilitator, mentor and executive coach.

My 30+ year corporate career gave me wide-ranging professional experience in leadership, people management, Human Resources, project management and employee engagement. I worked in the Airline, Technology and Consultancy industries.

For 7 years, I was CEO / Managing Director of a thriving business research consultancy specialising in employee engagement, with full accountability for all aspects of the business.
Having grown and developed my team and achieved great results for my external clients over a period of 10+ years, I realised I was ready for the next stage of my career, and to fulfil a long-held ambition. This was to set up my own business, helping individuals and organisations to develop through coaching and mentoring.

After a foundation of professional training in Executive Coaching, I created The Inner Potential Ltd in September 2017. I continue on my lifelong learning journey.

My values & beliefs

Explore: awareness and clarity

I believe that the key to personal and organisational change is to really understand what’s going on at a deeper level. All is not always as it seems, so the search for clarity is one of my personal aims.

Discover: curiosity and interest

My curiosity in others and deep listening allow me to explore greater depths of understanding and insight with my clients. Emotions, thought saboteurs and conditioned thinking are present in us all and it’s often necessary to explore them.

Achieve: achievement and progress

I think life’s too short to remain stuck in situations and work that we don’t enjoy. While it’s never too late to move forward towards greater fulfilment, satisfaction and success, the time to act is now.

Integrity and reliability

Doing what I say I will do, being trustworthy and reliable and keeping confidentiality are very important to me. I’m committed to my clients.


I set up my own business partly to help me find a better balance in life. When I’m not working, you might find me running, meditating, reading, eating good food or travelling. Often, I’m re-energising from being among wildlife, trees and natural habitats.

Getting Started

Meet Suzanne, get to know each other and chat about how coaching can help you.

Together we’ll create a specific plan to accomplish your goals

Meet Suzanne, get to know each other and chat about how coaching can help you.

Together we’ll create a specific plan to accomplish your goals

Take the actions from coaching and create the impact you’re seeking

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My office base is near Windsor in the UK but most of my work is with leaders worldwide using Zoom, Teams or Google.

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